So, I graduated last night. I’ve still got two convocations to get through today, but I feel done enough to declare: I’ve never been so happy to say goodbye to anything as I am to say goodbye to academia. My college experience has been more tumultuous than most, but between stints in the hospital and being miserable in little rooms at Cambridge and discovering just how much ~the life of the mind~ isn’t for me, I’ve learned a lot about myself and others, and the funny ways the world fits together. Which is, in the end, exactly what college is supposed to teach you.

Five years ago, I was a baby-faced seventeen year old with terrible taste in thermal undershirts. Now I’m slightly less baby-faced, and have managed to do something about my neckline. She was going to live in London, I’m heading to NYC in the fall. She had a working heart, I don’t. She didn’t have much of a backbone. I like to think I’ve cultivated one.

It hasn’t always been an easy trip, but I’m glad I took it. There’s something cool about looking back at that little dork and knowing that she turns out okay. A serious work in progress, but okay. 

You can do a lot of growing up in five years. 

  1. desultoryjester said: CONGRATS EMILY I AM SO PROUD AND EXCITED FOR YOU. Bask in the relief of this five year accomplishment being done and done, you earned the hell out of it. (Freshmily is forever adorable and I will hold to that forever. Dat thermal undershirt.)
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    Congrats! It’s amazing how much change five years can bring. Here’s to hoping another 5 years will be just as...
  3. tearitar said: ahhh congrats!!
  4. bookcoversproject said: CONGRATULATIONS. Isn’t being more of an adult actually kind of great? I look back on my freshman college self and I just want to be like, ‘oh BABY no.’
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